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Mourning earrings

Hello all,

I've recently been lucky enough to find a pair of Victorian jet charms that I believe used to be earrings. Two carved hands, facing downwards with flowery cuffs around the wrists, each holding what looks like a sprig of leaves.

I can't find anything about the meaning of the design. Whenever I dig for hand motifs in mourning jewellery, I get results about 'hand carved' this and that.

Can anyone shed some light on the meaning of the design? Would they have been mourning pieces?
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I found these at an antique show. I love the funeral displays.

These are both closed casket, no bodies, but they're beautiful. One is an new grave covered in flowers. Another is an in-home parlor display with closed coffin and flowers. I apologize for the bad scan quality of the latter. It's very large and in a mat, and had to sit across my scanner bed rather than in it (it's sunk a little), so the quality suffered.

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Enjoy. Cut to be polite.

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Doll Memento Mori Photos.

Before you freak out and call the law this is a photo of a DOLL.A DOLL I MADE.No babies,coffins or cameras were hurt in the making of these photos.
I took some photos of my Memento Mori,Sleeping Beauty doll which I made and is in my private collection.I have been wanting to do some Memento Mori style photos with it.And I did and I'm selling some prints of it on my website in the Gift Shop:Art prints section
They are 15.00 for a 8 X 12 inch photo print,30.00 for a 20X30 inch print.
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A friend and I frequent a local cemetery. It's rather famous as it was America's first municipal cemetery. It is however, trashed by people. My friend and I are trying to devise a list of cemetery etiquette and we're stumped. I was wondering if you all could help me compile a list.

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Victorian Cemetery Photos

I'm new and still trying to figure out
how to navigate the communities here.
Your photos are great!!
Especially the stereo card, very nice!
I have several cemetery photos on my
web site if you would like to take a look.
Click on New Taphophilia page.

I also re-enact in Victorian mourning
clothing from the late 1800's.

The Bronx cemetery definitely looks like a
great place to see sculptures in granite .
What is your favorite place to photograph?

My best friend Greg from New Hope
has an antique shop with Victorian
funeral & mourning  photos,
books, etc. It's called Tear Drop
Are you familiar with his site?

I hope it's okay to post like this :)
Kind regards,
Victoriana Lady Lisa
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I was given an antique stereoscope a few years ago by my Mother along with a box of slides. I don't really collect these slides but couldn't resist this one:


The building in the rear is the Gatehouse from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. I've spent many hours wondering about Greenwood, camera in hand and someday I'll actually completely photograph it's 478 acres.

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